List of Services

Cove Run Contracing is a Pre-Qualified WVDOH Contractor.  Our services are wide ranged and include the following:

13-100 0209
Oil & Gas Site Development

Commercial Site Development




Stormwater Systems

16-100 0281

– Lowboys
– Flatbeds
– Floats
– Step Decks
– Pipe Trailers
– Tri-Axle Dump Trucks
– Hot Shots

Environmental Controls
– Silt Fence
– Silt Sock
– Geo Grid


Poly Pipe Fusing 3/4″ to 20″

Roustabout Services

Complete Shop with Road Service
– Our Mechanics are able to meet all types of equipment and truck repairs

Water Transfer

Portable Crushing equipment to provide on-site aggregate services

ISNET Safety Rating A+          Licensed, Insured & Bonded